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24 hour Customer Service: 1-800-890-5554

24 hour Emergency Service: 1-800-694-8989


Southwest Highway 115 Fire Protection District
Fire Chief: Hart Wright

Call 911 for emergencies

The Piñons of Turkey Canon Ranch is located within the Southwest Highway 115 Fire Protection District, and is served by the Southwest Highway 115 Volunteer Fire Department. This is a small department whose jurisdiction extends from Fort Carson Gate 5, south along CO HWY 115 to the Fremont/El Paso county line. The fire district is comprised primarily of residential areas in the Rocky Mountain foothills along the west side of HWY 115 and Barrett Road. The department also provides wildland fire protection in the forest lands within the district.

The SW Highway 115 VFD serves the community with two fire stations; a north station located at 160 Pawnee Road, and a south station located within the Piñons of Turkey Canon Ranch at 15580 Cala Rojo Drive. The Cala Rojo Station has one paid firefighter 10 hours per day onsite. All lots within the Piñons are located within a mile of the fire station, and there are fire hydrants located throughout the development. This is an important factor for reduced insurance rates.

Due to our proximity to the military fire station located within one mile at the Army's Turkey Creek Recreation Area, the Turkey Creek Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians also respond to emergency calls from the Piñons. Because the Turkey Creek Fire Department is staffed by full-time firefighters and EMTs, they are often the first responders to calls from the Pinons.


Glaser Energy Group
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Twin Enviro
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Trash pick-up is on Thursdays. Trash to be at the road by 7 AM.

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Vision Wireless Communication
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